Meet the Team

Sir Stryker

The Royal Salvation Network is supported by Sir Stryker. When he was younger, he won several prizes doing Taekwando. He started to work for pianobars, his passion.

Unfortunaly, he got scammed by his financial administrator. He became homeless in 2002, and has been on the streets for two years in California. He fought his way up to later on become a ”Top Tier” Holland America Line pianist, and is loved across the globe.

Currently, he’s focusing his time on real estate and performing as PianoMan.

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Tony Sippens

Studied Maritime Officer at the Nautical College in Rotterdam, as deckmate (steersman) and engineer. This has been an exciting experience for me. I’ve learned things that made me understand the complications of systematic necessities to live with comfort and ease.

Furthermore, I’m transparent and caring. If something interests enough, then finding out more about the topic is a great interest of me. I’ve got a passion for writing and creativity. I definitely prefer good relationships with instances. Reaching a goal is great, but it’s about health. 

I’m now interested in peace and justice as I’ve gotten bad dreams by the news, and so I decided to write and design on the world wide web. I’m from the Netherlands.


Maria Lazareva

Currently I graduated Hanze University of Applied Science with international communication bachelor in Groningen. Over the past five years, I changed four countries of living. I became concerned more and more about international human rights, justice, inequality, global poverty, and peace on land.

I am also really interested in campaigns, PR activities, public relations, branding and event management. I have extensive experience of studying and travelling abroad and therefore open to new opportunities. I want to influence on the world in the way of communication.

Another passion of mine is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. I think it’s really important for people to know and remember these topics. The international environment brings up a lot of interesting things and phenomenas.

part of the team as of 3 October 2023