About us

The internet is setup by military defendant nations and we’re trying to make good use of it. By partnering up with people, businesses and organizations we think that we could achieve maximum human potential. The goal is us returning to earth and leaving the world for what it is. We as human beings have done a lot of good things but there is some form of mass destruction and evilness which ´it´ never agreed upon.

We are a fortified non-profit team: ‘Royal Salvation Knights’- We strive for equality all around, honest operations and global welfare.

The RSNetwork strives for international peace and justice

The Royal Salvation Network is found in 2020, when there was alot of concerning news. We came to the idea to create a network which may change the way we as human beings think; and therefore we assume that by having this network set, we make a positive impact.

for a better world

Something that happens during the process is lowering the ‘incidence of taboos’. We will likely stimulate open thinking, which means more opportunities for everyone. We bring ideas or work in, to stimulate the force of love as how we observe.

When speaking out how we think about certain things, we may worry about consequences. We want to raise the awareness for the importance of honesty, as in the big spectrum of things, improvements are bigger than possible personal consequences.

Safety is priority number one. Protection of all of nature is important. You are important. We therefore actively involve ourselves by being a (mainly digital) helpful source, ‘tip-machine’, and optimistic team. We help, we care, we share.

By being thoughtful about what we buy, we do our best to purchase items from a legitimate source, and will also raise attention for this. Cheap can be fairtrade whilst expensive could involve ‘that what we rather not see’. We know that a greater awareness concerning the importance of fairtrade (and worldwide labour) will influence us positively. We might think about ways to improve certain systems, without unreasonable changes as in for example; revenue. We don’t ‘hurt’– as we as ‘the human strain’ prefer ‘the process of healing’.

There as well is a focus on the importance of a better economy by – as said before – stimulating honesty. There could be changes made in, as example; taxes and other operational business costs; to stimulate fairtrade. We strive for positive ‘management alterations’, if necessary of course, that might increase and speed up the efficiency of businesses and organizations; whilst simultaneously lessening possible work-loads by for example; making sure that good equipment is available and that there are efficient (logistic) processes.

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